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Hello reader,

I am Ayomiposi and I want to personally thank you for stopping by. Presently, I’m a final year law student who loves to talk, write, read (basic right!). I used to be really bothered that I had no special talent. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I don’t like the sciences and I can’t draw to save my life. However, since I realized how difficult it is for people to write non-academic related things and how hard people find it to read books, I decided that I am really blessed. As a talkative, I really love to tell stories and I pride myself as a very observant person; paying attention to details. Growing up, I really loved to handle money and along the way, I realized I really really love to talk about business matters, read business books, carry out research on businesses (a.k.a business stalking) and watch businesses succeed and grow. This blog is a product of love. I am going to be combining my observations, research and learnings to come up with excellent posts.

Business matters is an unusual kind of business blog. I’ll advice that you put on an informal hat while you are here. The goal is to have an interesting and interactive platform for discussing business and everything related. If you aren’t a business enthusiast, don’t shy away, the contents here are all-encompassing and you’ll definitely have fun going through this blog. On a regular, we’ll be having business articles, simplified business news, strategy consideration, product and business reviews, interviews and business matters that matter.

I hope you learn and have fun reading as I did writing. Feel free to comment, disagree, contribute and share.

Do well to get in touch with me on social media @posi_adeniyi or leave a mail @adeniyidamilola4525@gmail.com

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